Cub House Singapore

Cub House Holiday Camp
About Cub House

Cub House engages students age 7-15 years old in interactive and fun English classes so that they can become better leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about our teaching philosophy and pedagogy here.


To develop a community of self-motivated, independent thinking and
agile young leaders.


Connecting with other learners through strengthening their English Language
foundation in a stimulating, nurturing and fun learning environment.



Each cub is treated with respect so they will in turn emulate the behaviour while interacting with others. By mixing with cubs from different age groups, they will have the chance to care of the younger ones.


To have the spirit of teamwork, and at the same time be able to come up with creative ideas and solutions. The cubs will recognise individuality and learn about diversity in today’s world.


The cubs will grow confident from leadership opportunities. They will be exposed to activities that requires them to demonstrate and learn leadership qualities such as public speaking and leading the pack.